Phase III, The Barn

Late in the fall of 2009 we took the first really big plunge and built a barn.  Not just a simple storage shed, but the barn of our dreams!  We used the Morton Company to design and build it to our specifications.  It is not huge, 36 x 36 feet, but we have it set up to accommodate all the things we one day hope to be enjoying.  In the northwest corner will be the lambing stall for the future little herd of sheep.  The southwest corner will be a “honey house” with all the facilities for extracting and bottling the honey from the beehives as well as for processing vegetables from the garden.  The southeast corner is Joe’s workbench, and the northeast will be good for parking vehicles.  In between is the all-important bathroom.  I insisted that we needed a toilet, sink, and shower since we won’t have built a house for several years.  It’s fine for the men to discreetly use the out-of-doors, but I need a little privacy.  Down the center is where we can pull our cars or a future tractor through the barn.  There is an overhead garage door on one end and sliding barn doors on the other.  We put in translucent panels in the white roof so that sunshine lights up the interior.

So, to get all these nice features we had to bring in an excavator to build a driveway (remember the master drawings) and dig out the septic system for the bathroom.  Then, of course, we needed the electric to be brought underground across the field.  Along with those, we also needed a well to be dug and hydrants to be put in for the future garden and one inside the barn.  Joe was a great project manager for the whole operation and organized the timing for everything to come together.  He hates it when I say so, but this barn spontaneously generates the word, “Cute”.  It sits on one of the highest areas in the field so it makes a landmark from the road for visitors to spot when they are trying to figure out where we are.  It gets nice breezes under the porch overhang to sit and chat.

By the time it turned cold, the barn was done and we retreated to our home for the winter.  We did come back once in the snow to admire it but the car got stuck in drifts in the driveway and had to be towed.  How embarrassing!


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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