Fishing Dog

My dog  just loves fishing.  He is a 2 year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Fionn, and going out to the farm just makes his day.  Better yet is when I say, “Fionny, let’s go see the fishies!”  He begins leaping and bounding around me with such joy in his heart that I can’t hold onto any worries or serious thoughts of any kind.

I do very simple fishing, with a rod & reel and a bobber with cheap artificial bait on the hook.  The barb on the hook is filed down so the fish are easy to catch and release.  Nothing compares to the peace I get from sitting quietly by the pond and watching for the bobber to make the telltale ripples of a fish nibbling.

Fionn, on the other hand, is on high alert the whole time.  He stands at the edge of the water, trembling in anticipation.   When the bobber starts to move he sometimes whines and warbles with the effort of restraining himself from leaping in.  I have to call out ,”Get back, Fionny!” so he won’t go too far and get himself tangled up in the line.   When I do reel in a fish, he goes nuts.  I think he is more excited about that bobber coming within range than he is about the fish on the hook.  If we were in a boat, we’d have capsized by now.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to Fishing Dog

  1. ME says:

    Our dog Hunny loves to stand in the shallows like a statue, nose close to the water, and pounce on minnows. I agree with you, Fionn would not be a good boat companion!

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