The Floor and Septic System

Yes, the house is progressing.  The floor has been almost completed over the basement and today the septic system was put in.  We will be having another trench dug later for a geothermal loop but for now I think the ground is about done being disturbed.  After the workmen went home, I ventured out across the concrete ledge to walk on the new floor and look at the view.  The house now seems a bit bigger than it did.  I can trace my way through the approximate locations of each room and imagine myself  living there.

As soon as the basement company gives the okay, they’ll shove all the piles of dirt down along the edges of the walls and to fill in under the back porch and the breezeway.  I think we have more cement trucks scheduled to come this week to fill in the garage floor, pool room, and supports for the front porch.  So much to watch!  It is likely to rain tomorrow so we won’t go down to check on it.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to The Floor and Septic System

  1. ME says:

    The house does seem much bigger with the floor on…especially with the perspective of seeing the teeny contractors working on it.

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