Beginning the 2nd Floor

Here we go, the 2nd floor is just starting to take form.  I’m impatient to see things come together, but there is a lot of preparation required to get set up for putting up the next set of panels.  Today, they started with the front window that will be looking out from our TV sitting area upstairs.  It is the highest thing that has ever been on the land, other than the trees around the perimeter.

Word has it that this week we’ll see activity from the electrician, the plumber, the geothermal guy, and maybe the cement people as well.  We will be home most of the week to see it, fortunately, and Joe is there every day watching, holding and handing things to the workers, and cleaning up.

In the meantime, today was a gorgeous day with sunshine and cool October temperatures.  While they were working on the house I did  farm chores.  I collected dead pine needles for fuel for the smoker next year when we visit the bees.  I collected seeds from the marigolds for planting next year.  I put away some of the summer stuff such as the hammock and the floating raft for the pond that we have not yet used.  And last, I cut off all the sunflower heads to gather their seeds for next year.

Last year, I spent several hours collecting the sunflower seeds, and after I brought them home to dry for a few days I pulled them out and discovered a fuzzy, smelly, moldy mess.  I threw out the worst of it and put the rest in the oven on low for a while to dry them out better.  I carefully packed them all away and planted them in the spring.  None of them came up.  I guess that was not a proper way to handle the seeds.  Fortunately, a lot of sunflowers came up from seeds that fell on the ground the year before.  I’ll have to study this and try to do it right this time.  I put all the seed heads in a bucket and hung it in the barn in a place that I hope the mice will not be able to reach as they dry out.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Beginning the 2nd Floor

  1. Jessica says:

    The first time we tried to save peas for the next year, we had a similar problem. Bugs got in the seeds and ate most of then, even though they were sealed in a bag. The next year we stored then in the freezer in a bag, and they came up just fine in the spring.
    Thanks for posting photos, the house looks great!

  2. ME says:

    Wow — A TV room with a beautiful view!

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