The Roof is On

This has been a challenging week for our construction crew.  The simple rectangular SIP panels on the first floor made for a good learning experience but the second floor is all odd shapes and angles.  Besides that, all these pieces required a crane operator to be standing by to lift each piece up to be set in place, making for long days of waiting around.  The crew had to screw down brackets for the hook to latch onto and then quickly disconnect all of them before the crane could let go.  The roof pieces were all at slanting angles and came in a variety of widths that then had to be glued together and tightened down so there were no gaps.  They used a ratcheting tool to force the pieces together and close all the gaps tightly.  It was slow and tedious work, at least from the point of view of the one watching from down below.

Before they were done, we got several windy cold rain storms that filled the house with water.  Now that the last of the SIP panels are in place, the only place for rain to seep in will be the open holes for the windows and doors.  Those are due to arrive on Monday and soon after that we will be getting closer to an airtight building.  I hope that soon they will build stairs so that I can go up and look around from the second floor.  I’m a little leery of climbing up and down an extension ladder.  I am not the nimble monkey I was as a child when my brothers and I used to play on the ladders to climb up into the hay loft our our family’s barn.

Here is the current view of the house.  The boards you see on the left are from the stick-built garage.  When the house is done, there will be craftsman-style brackets under the roof overhang, but that is not what you see here.

We are living at my sister’s house next door while the house is being built, and there are difficulties with moving large amounts of data over the internet with her satellite connection.  To expediate the process, I took this picture with my cell phone and it is a little fuzzy.

I am going to really like this house!  I think we are about due for another batch of design decisions, such as colors, flooring, lighting fixtures, and bathroom details.  Most people seem to love this part, but it wears out my brain.  I tend to make quick decisions and when I am faced with endless options I get frustrated.  Fortunately, my husband understands me and tries to keep it in short sessions.



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One Response to The Roof is On

  1. ME says:

    Well, you could put all the choices on a spreadsheet, give each choice a ranking, do a sort and voilà…that’s your answer! : )

    The house is looking good!

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