Upward Mobility

Who invented stairs?  The Pueblo tribes used ladders to get to their cave-like adobe dwellings, but until you have to use a ladder to get to your basement or second floor you don’t fully appreciate the value of a staircase.

Our Builder made the stairs for our house last week and for the first time I was able to stand on the basement floor or climb to the second floor to look out the windows.  Sure, I could have climbed the ladder like the workers did, but since my 50’s I have become curiously less courageous about hiking up the rungs.


I had expressed to our builder that with the height and foot length that runs in my family, I really wanted deep enough stairs so we wouldn’t have to twist our feet sideways to descend.  Going up is easy, but it is really hard on the knees to come back down.  He did a tremendous job of it, due in part to our architect’s design, I am sure.  Both staircases are wide enough and gradual enough that I expect to be using them till I am old and gray.

We should be able to have the movers deliver my piano to the basement as well, as there is enough room to go down to the first landing and turn the corner.  We thought we would have to give away the piano because there was no room in the house, but nobody in the family wanted to take it.  I had bought the “upright grand” from an old woman in town 20 years ago and painstakingly stripped and refinished it one long winter.  I am quite emotionally attached, although my husband is quick to point out how rarely it gets played.  There is something sacred in musical instruments that I can’t put my finger on, so when we concluded we could keep the piano in the new basement I had a huge sigh of relief.

Joe will eventually build me a small finished room in the basement by the one window where I can practice my french horn, play the piano, and maybe set up a sewing machine that doesn’t have to be packaged up and put away after every use.  What a luxury!  The cool thing about settling into a final house is that we know we have lots of time to work on these home-improvement projects especially during long cold winters.

This week, there was a lot of progress on the new house that did not generate many interesting pictures.  The geo-thermal guys dug a trench and installed the pipes in the field that will exchange temperatures to heat and cool the house.  The roof shingles were delivered and placed in packages on the rooftop.  The plumbing was installed in preparation for the fixtures to be put in.  The gravel driveway was installed.  The walls were framed in and the cabinet maker took his measurements to take back to his workshop and get started on construction.  The electrician got started putting in the outlets and wiring. So much done in a short time.

The next big things will be the front and back porches.  These probably need to be done pretty quickly because they have roofs over them and the roofers are coming soon to start shingling. (Is that a verb?)  I have faith in the builder to coordinate it all.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to Upward Mobility

  1. Linsey says:

    Love your blog, have been avidly following! Saw a nova science now about bees finding a new home and thought of you two. How fun to be making your new home exactly like you want it! Kepp the posts coming.

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