Front Porch Gable

The front of the house is taking its final shape, as the builders have constructed the gable over the front porch stairs.  I like it!

Now we are really starting to look like a bungalow, the style that Joe and I love.  A mason will be putting stones around the pillars and there will be wood  around the square pillar post to make an obelisk shape.  (My son reminded me that that is the proper term.)

I don’t know how the builder decides what order he wants to do things, but now they have skipped over to the back screened porch.  Perhaps it is because they have to finish building all the roofs so that they can start applying the shingles in an efficient manner.  There will be a lot of roof angles by the time they get that done.  I remember the architect playing with which way to set the peaks of each roof section to make sure the flow of water when it rains will be in the best direction and we won’t get dumped with snow as we walk in the door.  Also, to make the prettiest view, of course!

The roofs over the back porch and the breezeway between the house and garage will be the last two sections before they can start putting on the shingles, I would expect.  Today is Friday, so this will have to go on into next week.  I have approved the color painted on the samples of the siding, so that will be constructed and delivered soon as well.  Wow, won’t it be cool to have the colors on the outside!

I know that when you build a house, the outside may be done long before you can actually move in.  We’ve had the electricians, heating/cooling guys, and plumbers on site quite a lot already so maybe it will come together simultaneously in our case.  The flooring, drywall, cabinets and painting/trim will be the final steps in December or January, I would hope.  We will see.

Here is the back porch as of yesterday, and a neat picture I took a few days ago showing the view of the house across the November prairie.



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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to Front Porch Gable

  1. ME says:

    Nancy, These pics are great, they really help tell the story of your home. I love your porches and rooflines!

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