Stone Pillars

Last week the house was a beehive of activity, with workmen of all kinds bumping into each other and inspectors as well, giving “green tags” that mean all is well and they are doing things correctly.  Good!  The roof is mostly shingled now, but keep in mind that we have lots of angles and little overhangs that make the job complicated.  It is looking very nice and neat, with its shades of black.  Today is unseasonably warm and they are out there in their t-shirts swinging those nail guns.

Certainly, the plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, and other carpentry are all terribly important, but the highlight of the week for me was the masonry.  They put the stone on our front porch pillars and I think it looks beautiful!


It will be another big milestone when they start applying the siding.  I wonder how soon that might be?  I hesitate to ask because I don’t want to be disappointed if the estimate turns out to be too optimistic.  Expect to see two shades of green in kind of  “sage” tones with cream-colored trim.  This is a color scheme I like and it turns out that it is in line with the bungalow style so we are all in synch with history.

This week we had a lot of company with our kids visiting post-Thanksgiving and my daughter-in-law coming with her parents to see the farm before she and my son fly back to their home.  In addition, my brother and sister-in-law picked up my mother and drove her out for a visit.  We had an unusually full house and it was great.

We have been enjoying the additional activity that comes from sharing a home with my sister while the house is built.  I had always envisioned a family gathering place that will be a draw for all generations one day.  There is room here to spread out and there are things for everyone to do … provided that they enjoy being out in nature or quietly visiting with family.  This is clearly not the center of fashion, clubbing, or shopping unless you are satisfied with the internet.  There is some community theater and a local community college but it is no NYC.  Fortunately for me, this is paradise.  I don’t mind driving to entertainment but my  inner need is for peace and a connection to the natural world.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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  1. Leah says:

    The stone pillars are beautiful!

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