January Doldrums

We’re in a band of cold air coming down from Canada and across the Great Lakes and generating “Lake Effect Snow” conditions.  Anyone from this area is quite familiar with this phenomenon.  Kids watch the TV or internet for news of school cancellations and travelers worry about missed airline connections or slippery roads.

At this phase of our lives we are retired so there is no pressing need to go anywhere unless we plan something, and if we choose to we can just nestle in at home and watch the snow pile up.  The problem is, I’m getting bored and restless.  The dog and I are taking walks every day for exercise and to use up some of his boundless energy.  If he is cooped up too long, he starts getting naughty.

We hiked in the snow for about 40 minutes this morning and when we got into the house he immediately began chewing on his feet and legs to pull off the annoying balls of snow and ice that had built up.  I herded him into the bathroom to dry off but not before he’d darted all over the house flinging little snowballs in every direction. I bathed him and trimmed the hair on his feet and belly to reduce that magnetic cling before I let him out again.IMAG0177

Now, he is curled up contented in a little ball of clean fluff.  You’d never know what a devil he can be.  He is a good buddy to keep things interesting and combat the January cabin fever.

Clean Fionn sleeping


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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