Snow Shoeing and Coyotes

Fionn and I are having a great time enjoying the white fluffy stuff.  It is a snow day and the schools are closed, not that it makes any difference to us.  We get to play every day if we want!  Yesterday I woke up feeling poorly with a stuffy nose and a headache.  I laid low in the house the whole day.  So today, waking up refreshed and ready for action, I put on my snowshoes and we hiked around the “estate” for 40 minutes of good exercise.

Snow shoe trailI let Fionn lead the way this time, although I tried to keep the path straight rather than following the winding trail that followed his nose.  I have a strange compulsion to make a nice smooth path so we went around twice and the second time I flattened down the area opposite my footprints from the first time.  Now there is a nice packed down trail to follow the next time we go out.

It is very overcast and threatening more snow all day, so everything is once again a solid gray broken up only by the snow-covered vegetation.  Really, it is quite beautiful.

This morning, we saw something both exciting and disturbing.  I was delighted to see a lone deer walking down the frozen creek, and as I stood pointing, up on the bank appeared a very large coyote!  We trained our eyes to the spot waiting for it to appear again from behind some brush and were surprised to see a second one following it up the hill towards the house.  Man, they were bigger than Fionn!  He sensed our excitement and looked out the window too, and went nuts when he saw what was out there.  He tore around the house trying to find a better view as they vanished around the corner.

I wonder if they would attack Fionn if they came face to face?  He learned how to be social with other dogs at the dog park, but would he know enough to protect himself from danger?  We are going to have to be diligent to know where he is and keep him out of the woods.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Snow Shoeing and Coyotes

  1. MIME says:

    Hmmmm, I suppose if there was a shortage of food elsewhere they would.. Do coyotes hunt in packs?

    • bluestempond says:

      I looked it up on the Internet, and people say if the coyotes are hungry enough, they could lure your mid-sized dog out away from home and then the whole pack attacks. Not very reassuring.

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