Could Move-In be Approaching?

It’s been a long wait for the new house to be completed.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t over yet, but some significant things have begun happening.  It has been five months, mind you.  Our builder is a meticulous guy and I trust that he will do a fine job.  I try not to distract him with annoying homeowner questions such as, “When can we move in?” because he goes into fast-talking mode to manage the customer’s expectations.

He actually said he expects the floors to begin to be installed next week — hardwood, vinyl tile, and carpet.  The ceramic tile for the bathrooms is still up for grabs because the person we’d selected to install it balked at signing the standard contract and we had to start over.

So, there are three or four big new developments to note.  The inside doors have been delivered and are being installed.  Most of the cabinets are ready and some have been hung or fastened to the walls.  We picked out all the lighting and it should be delivered soon, and the electrician put in the switches and outlets this week.  Lastly, the screened porch is ready for the windows to be put in and they began  putting up siding in the porch so we can see how it will look.

Here are some pictures of the doors.

Our bungalow style calls for 8-foot doors with panels, so they are not your run-of-the-mill doors.  I really like them!

Entry Pocket Doors


The doors with the glass panels are pocket doors that separate the entryway from the living room.  Our architect was the one with all these unusual ideas and I think he did well.




The cabinets were made to order by a local craftsman who happens to be Amish.  We were thus able to select the exact dimensions and colors we wanted, which would not have been possible if we’d gone through a big manufacturer.  The builder is less than happy with some of the results, and there is some negotiation to be done, but I don’t have such a discriminating eye and think they are just the berries.  We are finalizing the knobs and drawer pulls next week and they can then be put in.  We also have to go pick out glass to fill the panels along the top of the cupboards and built-in china cabinet.

Built-in China Cabinet

Built-in China Cabinet

Upper cabinets with Range Hood

Upper cabinets with Range Hood

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1 Response to Could Move-In be Approaching?

  1. MIME says:

    Oh wow, how exciting! I love those pocket doors. Your cupboards are so nice too, they are a perfect style for your bungalow. And so much light in your room! Can’t wait to walk through it some day.

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