Screen Porch Windows

It seems as though things have been limping along on the house project, not making any significant headway.  Just when we seem to be moving ahead, the crew switches to some other task and the momentum dies.  Depressing.

However, today is one of those unusual sunny Michigan days in February and as if the mood picked up, the activity also picked up.  The guys came with the windows for the screen porch and they were up before I even got out to watch.  Remember, the windows are called “EZE-Breeze” and are an innovative design that is durable enough to withstand dog paws and noses and hopefully high winds and tree branches as well.

Our building crew did quite a lot of preparation to make it easy for the EZE-Breeze guys.  Besides framing up the porch, they had to put in black weather stripping and then the siding trim, inside and out.  They have actually put up the siding in some of the hard-to-reach areas as well, and that is good to see.  Here are some pictures of  the stages:

Black Weatherstripping

Black Weatherstripping









Trim added

Trim added












Windows Installed!

Windows Installed!



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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Screen Porch Windows

  1. MIME says:

    I love those eaves!

  2. The Eze-Breeze windows look great! We love Eze-Breeze too! It’s a great for out pet-owning customers because the windows and doors are extremely durable! Enjoy your new porch!

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