Siding and Pool Room Heat

The internet here is erratic and sometimes is sooooo sloooowww.  When I did my last post this afternoon, it took over an hour to upload three photos.  I was determined to get it done, so I waited it out.  Now, we are back to reasonable speeds, so I’m going to show two other developments at the house that give me cause for hope.

The builder’s crew began installing siding at the back corner of the house.  It was an area that required many little pieces and I’d seen them painstakingly cutting and painting the edges of identical short boards.  It is turning out very well although the photo is not great- see what you think:

First siding

First siding

My pool room has a special heating and cooling system called a “ductless mini-split.”  It hangs on the ceiling and can handle the one room in both winter or summer.  Unfortunately, it has not been working since it was installed and the HVAC guys have tried everything to solve the problem.  Finally, they gave up and swapped it out for a new one and voila!  It works.

Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless Mini-Split


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