Kitchen Counter and Tile

I haven’t posted for a couple weeks because there has not seemed to be anything noteworthy to talk about.  I guess now we are in the March doldrums.  Joe and I have kept busy helping my sister with a remodeling project in her basement so we have not been out to the building site other than popping in at the end of the day to review progress.

China cabinet

China cabinet

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

Today, they began to install our kitchen countertops.  You can’t tell from the pictures, but the granite is a deep green with sort-of leopard spots.  It is very pretty.  The walls are green, too, although this does not show up on the pictures.  The backsplash will be made up with beige subway tiles.

It was a grueling task to sort through all the colors of paint, flooring, tile, granite, and everything else and get the right mix.  I don’t know if we will one day say, “Oh, I wish we had picked color #36 instead of #42!” but I suspect we will be so relieved that the decisions were completed that we will never look back.  I’m not a big one for regrets, anyway.  We used a designer to help us through it all and I am indebted to her for knowing how to drag us through the process.  Speaking of “dragging”, she physically dragged along samples of every item we’d chosen to every session so that we could insure that everything complemented everything else.  What a trooper!

We have two showers and no bathtubs.  Both showers will be tiled with an accent mosaic tile to add personality.  The tile man is here this week and so far has been prepping all the surfaces.  He has just started installing some of the tile in the downstairs shower and here is how it looks.

Shower #1

Shower #1

Now, don’t get excited — we aren’t as trendy as our daughter would be so the orange you see is just the material he uses behind the tile.  It will not be visible when we are done.

Don’t get me wrong, our daughter’s apartment has trendy colors that are absolutely beautiful but my style is a bit more conservative.  She is an artist, I am a computer/project manager type.

Two more cool things going on are:

1) The siding has started to wrap around the front porch from the back of the house.

2) The doggie door has been installed so that Fionn can come in and out of the screened porch at will.  More about that later.

So, I guess I have no right to be grouchy about how long this is all taking.   We’re going to love this house, and spring is on the way.  As long as I keep myself busy enough, I don’t get to grinding my teeth about the wait.


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2 Responses to Kitchen Counter and Tile

  1. michiganme says:

    Beautiful kitchen! And the shower tile is gorgeous too.

    We have two showers and a bathtub and we’ve NEVER used the bathtub. I’d rather have two bathroom sinks than the tub any day.

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