Mid-March House Report

For those of you waiting as anxiously as I am on the completion of our new house (is there anyone?), we are making real progress!  We are now at the point of the specialty teams doing their things — the plumbers installing sinks and toilets, the closet guy putting in shelves and hanger rods, Sears bringing our kitchen and laundry appliances, and the electrician putting up lighting fixtures.  I must admit, this is pretty exciting.  Now and then the builders put in a day of work installing more siding although the cold wind has prevented consistent progress on that.  I don’t blame them for finding warmer activities on bad weather days.  The contractor, himself, is taking on the job of installing our front stairs.  We’ve never had hardwood floors or a finished staircase before so I am excited to see it come together.  There is a decorative newel post at the bottom of the stairs that stands four feet high and will be painted white except for the cap.  I promised to find a picture to show how I want it to look when it is done.  Here is my model, from houzz.com.

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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1 Response to Mid-March House Report

  1. michiganme says:

    That’ll teach me to look at the pictures before I read the text…I kept looking at that stairway thinking it was your’s and the room at the bottom of stairway as well as the upstairs hall just didn’t ‘fit’! Beautiful stairway though!

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