Front Porch Columns

What a beautiful, sunny spring day!  There are only a few puffs of clouds floating by today and the cold breeze makes the sunshine and 48 degree temperature seem a bit confusing.  Still, I itch for some chores to get me out into the sunshine to look for signs of green.

One nice new greening I see is the house.  The sage-green siding is beginning to wrap around the house and the garage, hinting at how the finished product will look.  Today, returning from some errands, we were surprised to find the front porch columns being installed.  Now, those of you who know the American bungalow style know that there is quite often a big front porch with heavy supporting columns that make a serious statement about the sturdiness of the building.  These porches just beg for you to sit in a swing and watch the world go by.  Column canoes

Columns installed

Our house has these great columns but they were delivered as a shell to be wrapped around the “real” 6×6 inch support posts.  In the garage, they looked like huge white canoes.  They were built with three sides connected and a fourth ready to attach after they were set in place.  There was some miss-communication with the manufacturer and the opening for the post was too small so our building crew had to make some cuts to make them fit.  They told me it wasn’t that difficult but it seems to me it would be easy to screw it up (as I often have done when altering things that I make on the sewing machine.)  I am glad these guys know what they are doing.

The finished paint job will change the white primer to the cream color of the siding trim, and this will make the final effect more pleasing.  I keep thinking that the most recent update on the house is probably close to the last.  It’s obvious that the 2nd floor siding needs to go on and some more trim.  However, today I looked at the supplies in the garage and asked a crew member what the huge stack of 5×8 foot materials was for.  He said it was for the soffits and the trim on the gables.  Oh.  That must add another week or two onto the end date that I was wishing for.  I’ve just got to let it go and enjoy the process.  It will only happen once so there is no need to wish it away.

Some exciting things going on this week are that the lighting fixtures are being installed, along with the plumbing fixtures and the last of the HVAC items.  The pool room is being painted today.  I love the way it is coming together.

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Front Porch Columns

  1. Leah says:

    The house is looking great! I’ve really enjoyed the postings, and am happy to see it all coming together so beautifully.

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