Steps All Over the Place

Things are happening fast at the new house, and particularly in the area of steps.  I thought I’d share pictures of three new staircases, if that is what they would be called.  Our builder has been working away at the main stairs in our entryway.  The carpet went down on Saturday and he’s been working ever since on staining, sanding, and applying the finish to the treads.    Since I took the picture, he has begun work on the handrails, painting the newel post, and soon will be adding the balusters.  Have I got this terminology down, or what? IMAG0263

This week, as we have had a few days of sunshine, the crew has finished off the stairs to the side door and today they finished off the stairs up to the front porch.  It is so nice to be able to climb up without any crazy acrobatic moves.  I like the neat way the corner of the one stair step is finished, with sort of a waffle-weave.  I suspect the builder may be annoyed that it wasn’t his normal 45-degree angle that was done on the other end of the deck, but we think it looks very nice.  The front porch stairs are not steep and I think even my 88-year-old mother may be able to use them, albeit slowly.

I frankly don’t remember what is to be done with the wood to finish it – paint, stain, or staying all natural.  I think we discussed it with the architect but that was over a thousand decisions ago and now I just want it to be done.  Perhaps it is something for Joe and me to do by ourselves over the summer.  Anyway, I am thrilled to see these things coming together.


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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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