The Evil Free Cell

I have a terrible time-wasting habit that I feel I must confess.  When I am on the computer and have to wait for something to load, or have nothing compelling to do, or am procrastinating something I should be doing, I slip over to one of those solitaire games that come free with the Windows operating system.  My favorite is Free Cell.  I like it because I always win, and I like winning.

FreeCell_XPWhen you run into a dead end on Free Cell, you can hit Cntl-Z and back up to an earlier point and try another way.  I get rather stubborn about it and rather than ever accepting defeat, I sometimes even back up all the way to the beginning and start over.  This means I have to remember what I did before so that I don’t repeat my blunders.

What a gigantic waste of time!  I think it is a little bit of the gambling impulse that keeps me coming back for more.  When it comes to the horse track or the casino, there is very little attraction for me.  I don’t like losing my money and I lose interest easily.  So, I have never worried that I am at risk of falling into that vice.  (I have plenty of vices without adding a new one.)  But if I am perfectly honest with myself, I have a hard time resisting that thrill of outsmarting a silly game that fools me into believing I am more clever than…something.  I also get sucked into Spider Solitaire and like to do the daily Suduko puzzle in the newspaper.  At least with the newspaper you only get one chance a day and can’t get snared by the offer to “Play Again?”

So, now that I have confessed I will turn off the computer and go to bed.



About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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