Blustery April Day

The “March Winds” have bled over into the time for “April Showers”.  We have not gotten the promised rain for this month yet, but the wind was quite powerful.  I expected to freeze when I went outside but it was surprisingly warm, in the 60’s.  Fionn and I went out to see the pond and there were practically breakers!  The great new development was that the bluegills have begun to appear to eat the fish food I have been offering.  I was a little afraid they had vanished, but I guess they were just too cold to be hungry yet.


With the warmer weather, I am beginning to dream about the projects for the summer.  I signed up for a free introductory subscription to “Backyard Poultry” magazine and can see myself nurturing a batch of little chicks.  Joe wants to build a small coop under the back shed overhang on the barn.  We think it would not be so hard.  It’s just a matter of rationing our time (and our money) to the most practical items.  We’d love to jump in and do all the things on our long-term list: orchard, vineyard, pond deck, chickens, sheep, landscaping.  We haven’t finished purchasing all the stuff needed for the house either.  I am a little uncomfortable not having a clear budget laid out until the house is done.  Saving up for things is more my normal way but building the house has been a real change in strategy.  When I get scared about it I take a deep breath and assure myself that it will all work out and I need to remember to have faith.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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