Spring Babies

Living here at the farm for the first time, I am enjoying watching each new arrival of spring.  Today, I found a couple new “babies” coming up out of the ground.  Can you guess what they are?  We are supposed to get lots of rain and some warm temperatures this week so perhaps they will get a nice boost.


IMG_1332Fionn found some babies too, but that is sort of a sad story.  His inner terrier took over when his random sniffing around the garden unearthed two baby rabbits.  I was working nearby and heard what I thought was his squeaky toy.  I turned around to see and there he was with his jaws around a terrified bunny.  I made him drop it, but it was already badly injured and squealing.   Fionn raced off to another corner of the garden where he had left a second rabbit who was already dying.  I did not want them to suffer or worse yet continue to be tormented by the dog so I killed them both quickly and pushed Fionn out the garden gate.

Now, living on a farm, you have to respect nature and “the way things are.”  Rodents eat garden plants, dogs and other predators eat rodents, and so on.  If Fionn had not found the rabbits before my plants sprouted, they would have had a prime table at the feast.  I wouldn’t have such tender feelings towards them then.  I did leave their bodies out overnight in case scavengers might carry them away, but no go.  I had to wrap them up in a bag and out with the garbage so the dog wouldn’t eat them.  We don’t need him getting worms.

(Speaking of worms, I have decided to start a worm garden.  More about that later.)  In  the mean time, Fionn is in terrier heaven.  He has never had so many opportunities to dig and chase little critters.  As long as it doesn’t inconvenience me or cause harm to him, I am willing to let dogs be dogs.





About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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