Home, Sweet Home

I’ve been offline for about two weeks, while we have been fully occupied with moving into our new house.  Oh, the agonies of a zillion decisions and mounds of boxes and paper, but we have made good headway and we are beginning to feel like we are HOME.  Here is a picture showing the beautiful spring day, today, sitting by the pond and watching the workmen frantically trying to finish their tasks.  On the right is the painter giving the upper exterior a second coat of paint.  On the roof is one of the workers in a race to get the last pieces of siding installed on the dormer.

May 15 2013

There are many jobs left for them to do, but at least they have cleared out of the house so that we were able to move our stuff in and begin feeling our way around the logistics of living here.  We have to be up and aware of our modesty by 7:45 when the workers begin arriving. The General Contractor has some finishing work to do inside so now and then he knocks on the door and asks to come in.  I’ll be so happy to have them all gone that I wouldn’t mind finishing some things up myself just to hurry the process but I know that isn’t the way it is supposed to work.

Last week my major tasks were to line up all the services — waste removal, TV service, and internet.  I had some bad experiences with being misled by sales people, but all is well that ends well so I won’t whine about it.  We found our only real option for TV was satellite, so we went with Dish Network.  The internet was more of a challenge because we are so far out in the country, but I went with a “hot spot” from our cell phone company, Verizon.  It’s like magic, and poof – we have quicker internet service than we have had in the whole seven months next door.  We’ll see if the cost for the amount of data we want to move is prohibitive, but so far so good.

Now that things are beginning to settle down, I am playing catch-up with our record keeping and other projects.  I found some bills that had been languishing in a pile and realized that the church garage sale I had volunteered to organize is on Saturday.  Yikes!  Fortunately, it seems more or less in order after I recruit a few more helpful people to set up and tear down.

Tomorrow, we get a new larger mattress and we are crossing our fingers that it fits up the stairs.  I ordered king-sized bedding for it on Amazon this morning.  We have been sleeping in the guest bedroom in the mean time.

I bravely booked a couple social occasions at the end of the month that will encourage me to get the place spic and span in time to entertain.  I work best under a tight deadline, anyway.  We’ll head out of town for an overdue visit to my mother-in-law in between just to make the preparation a bit more exciting.

I am quite happy to be starting to feel like things are back in order.  I don’t do well when my ability to take action is suspended, even for  a worthy cause.  My stress level rises when surrounded by chaos.  Now, all is well again, or at least on its way.  Smile.


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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Home, Sweet Home

  1. MIME says:

    We bought a king size bed for the house we currently live in thinking it was no problem since the previous owners also had a king. OMG. They had a heck of a time getting the mattress up the stairs and around the bend…come to find out the first owners only had a queen! Doh!

    They had to flex it quite a bit to get it up and around the bend but they managed!

    Congratulation to you and J!!

    • Joe & Nancy Calme says:

      Oh oh! Well, they got our big leather sofa up the stairs even though they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to, so let’s hope this will work. As I said, I already bought all the accessories. Joe and I have been sleeping on a full sized mattress and it is rather tight.


      On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 8:42 PM, Bluestem Pond

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