Making it Fit

We’re in the next phase of moving into the new house.  We have 80% of our stuff moved in and unpacked, but now we have to decide how to make the furniture we have fit comfortably into the small bungalow rooms, rearrange it, or get rid of it.  This is hard, because we have some very nice pieces we bought when we moved into a condominium with a roomy “great room” that called for big blocky mission-style pieces.  They worked great there but as much as I love them, they just don’t fit comfortably here at the farm house.

IMAG0351Here is the biggest problem – our living room.  The lovely square coffee table should sit in the middle amongst our comfy armchairs and lamp tables.  As it is now, there is barely enough room to walk around it.  There is a nice big chaise lounge that used to be great to sit for long quiet sessions in the sun reading “Game of Thrones” but it is jammed in a corner and not inviting anyone anymore.

Chaise Lounge

We still need room for Fionn’s crate for when we leave him home alone and for my beloved piano.  The two built-in cabinets that separate the kitchen from the living room swing out to the side to make room when we need to open out the table for company, but with all the furniture in the way the traffic patterns just do not work with them in their rightful places.

I’ve gotta make this work.  We considered selling pieces just to get them out of here and finance new smaller items.  I find it hard to give up my china cabinet, especially, but there just is not room for it anymore.   What am I going to do with all the little treasures I used to put into it?  We are leaning towards putting the big stuff into the basement for a future room we will construct down there.  It seems like a waste, though.

China cabinet

When I catch myself feeling foolish for building a house that can’t contain our furniture I have to stop and remember that the house design lasts forever and furniture can be swapped in and out as needed.  I absolutely love living in the house and I wouldn’t change a thing – unless it was to have some magical way to make everything fit perfectly into comfortable places.

When we moved into the condo we were living overseas and commuting back home as often as possible.  This made it practical to use the services of the designer at an Ethan Allen store to help us pick out things and get them moved in so that the new place could be painted and complete when we finally came back to the USA.  I have arranged to have another designer from the same store come out tomorrow morning to take a look at our situation and make some suggestions.  I told her we are probably not in a position anymore to make significant purchases from her store but she assured us there is no obligation and no cost to having her come out.  Too good to be true?  We will see.

We went as far as to hang five pictures on the walls over the weekend.  This is something that has  been historically painful for Joe because for one, he hates putting nail holes into a pristine wall and two, he gets frustrated with the measuring and correcting required to get everything lined up and placed in the perfect positions.  He was a good sport though and we made progress.  It was actually a bit fun to find new homes for some of our sentimental favorites.  We try to buy art to remind us of places we have enjoyed visiting.  Rediscovering some of these in the moving cartons was like finding old friends.

So, this week will be focused on more fine-tuning of our space and bringing more in from storage in the barn or in my sister’s basement.  More long-lost friends await!


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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to Making it Fit

  1. MIME says:

    Hysterical that it’s hard for Joe to put nails in the new walls! First world dilemma. Will the chaise fit in the TV room?

    • Nancy Calme says:

      I’m suspending judgment until the Ethan Allen lady gives us her floorplan on Monday. She assured us that we will be able to use the china cabinet and most other things. We shall see…

      On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 9:16 PM, Bluestem Pond

  2. Lynda says:

    I hate to laugh, but I am! We are facing this very same dilemma. We are moving to an ancient home in the mountains of Tuscumbia, AL. We are currently living in well over 2,000 SF and going to about 1,000 SF. What to keep and what to sell (???) are high on our minds right now. I will be watching with interest to see what the Designer from Ethan Allen advises. I may pick up a few handy tips!

    Thank you for visiting me today and for the follow! I look forward to reading about your adjustments to the rustic country life!

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