Finishing off the House with Landscaping

Now that the builders have finally left we are turning our attention to the outside of the house.  We went back to the guy who drew up our master plan for the farm and had him draw up a new plan just for landscaping the house.  He also quoted us a price for doing the work himself and we just about fell over.  Maybe it’s time for the old D-I-Y to take over.  They used to call that “sweat equity.”

To tell the truth, I really enjoy doing our own projects and feeling the satisfaction of knowing just what it took to accomplish a home improvement that we did on our own.  It seems that much sweeter to enjoy it after we used our own hands to create something.

So, we broke down the long list of new plants we’ll have to buy into phases based on budget and we shopped around for the best deals in the area.  Last week we hooked up our little trailer to the Jeep and headed off to collect the first big batch.  Some of the items in the plan are things I never would have picked — not because there is anything wrong with them, but just because I have never had them.  We bought dwarf Alberta spruce bushes, a weeping pine, and “knockout” roses, none of which would have occurred to me.

Landscaping 1 Landscaping 2

Now we have to dig holes and get it all planted in between rain storms.  I did some of the small stuff while I was waiting for Joe to get back home, but the big stuff is a two-person job.  Joe already put in all the vinyl edging and mulch, so now it’s a matter of comparing to the drawings and finding the exact location for each item and then lots of watering.  Of course if it keeps raining maybe we can quit worrying about that but I want each new little adoptee to feel loved and happy in its new home.  Yes, I talk to each one as I plant it and assure it that it is going to love it here.  Who’s to say that won’t help?

Our other big project for the upcoming week is to put in some paved areas for walkways.  The most important one is the ramp up to the breezeway because we need that for my mother to walk safely to and from the house.  She will be coming to stay in the next month or two, so that is a high priority.  I am the assistant on the project and hope to be of some help to Joe without hurting myself.  I do tend to be a bit klutzy with heavy things and end up black and blue.  My next blog entry will hopefully be the finished product.

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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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