Bergamot and Mystery Plant

Here is one of our wildflowers that really took off this year, called “Wild Bergamot.”  Is it pretty, or what?  I hear that it is from the family of plants that are used to make Earl Grey tea.  I Googled it and if you are interested in more details look here:



I also have a question for you gardening experts out there.  In the areas of our field where the soil was disturbed by excavation for the geothermal system, this very tall and hardy weed has come up.  There is no flower yet, and I decided not to chop it down until I see what it turns into.  Thus, it is my mystery plant.  I suspect someone out in the blogosphere can tell me what it is.  Honestly, the one in the picture is about 10 feet tall!  I’m talking about the one with the large pointy leaves kind of like a sunflower but not quite.



About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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5 Responses to Bergamot and Mystery Plant

  1. bluestempond says:

    Solved the mystery! What I have is “Giant Ragweed.” Goody.

  2. oceannah says:

    You’re right about the Earl Grey 🙂 Wild Bergamont is terrific as a tea or added to other herbs for a blend. I use the tips and the flowers.

  3. Mrs Hicks says:

    I have a pink bergamot in my garden. Bees love it! And if you rub the leaves, the smell is wonderful.

  4. Mrs Hicks says:

    And thank you for the bergamot link – I now know I’ve planted mine in the wrong spot, which explains why it has been struggling during the hot summer we’ve been having!

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