Peaceful Sky

It’s been surprisingly cool and threatening storms all day, but the skies are beginning to clear and perhaps we’ll get back to a “normal” summer tomorrow morning.  Actually, the remaining clouds made for a spectacular sunset this evening.  I am looking forward to a night with the windows open to the cool breezes and crickets.


View to the east


View to the west













I’m gearing up for the next two weeks in which we’ll be polishing up the house and grounds for an official open house celebration.  That means making decisions on where to hang pictures (and actually doing it), washing windows, mowing down the weeds that we have killed off where there will one day be some sort of lawn, and deciding where to put the rest of the furniture that is not in its final resting place.  We have been living in the mode of, “Just live with it for a while and if you really hate it we can change it later.”  So, now it is later.

Meanwhile, the flowers in the fields continue to gradually grow taller with new varieties topping the old ones.  That pesky Giant Ragweed keeps popping up and I’ve taken to wading into weeds up to my chin to yank them out where I see them getting a foothold.  I come home with dark stains on my hands because I never plan ahead and wear gloves.  The ragweed is cooperative though, in that it has a nice rough hairy stem and loose enough roots that it gives a satisfying crunchy release from the soil every time.

My vegetable garden is doing reasonably well and I am seeing lots of blossoms on my zucchini and cucumbers.  I planted flower seedlings that are barely limping along but I’ll start earlier next year.  I have about four different varieties of tomato plants and I had to tie them up to the fence so they wouldn’t tip over their flimsy tomato cages.  In the process, I found nipped off stems and leaves on one and stumbled across two gigantic green tomato worms! Ugh.  I pried them loose and threw them as far from the garden as I could.  How did they find my little garden?  I don’t like them but I couldn’t bring myself to kill them.  I may have to get tougher if I’m going to be a “farmer.”





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Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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5 Responses to Peaceful Sky

  1. Chickens love the bugs. It’s like a treat.

  2. MIME says:

    Tomato worms can travel up to 200 yards a day.

  3. MIME says:


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