New Arrivals in the Field

It’s always a delight to discover something new growing on the farm.  (Well, not exactly delightful when it is ragweed or poison ivy.)  This morning dawned as a clear blue summer day with a light breeze.  Fionny and I took a stroll out to the barn to see what’s new and were rewarded with some interesting things.

IMAG0483This is Switchgrass.  It is actually rather ordinary in that we see something like it along the sides of the road, but we planted this one.  It will be much taller than the roadside version and as the seed heads opened up it is kind of pretty.

IMAG0484This appears to be Rosinweed, another thing we planted and have not seen before.  We’ve found 4 or 5 plants around the property, so it is new to us.  It will look a bit like a sunflower, and the native americans would chew the fragrant resin like gum.  Maybe I’ll have to try that once it fully flowers, if I can figure out where on the plant it resides.

IMAG0482Last, my nursery-bought Lupine plant has started flowering again, and there are two blooms with a third one developing.  I found that we actually did plant Lupine in the field and I did stumble across some similar leaves somewhere out there but no flowers yet and I have misplaced them since.



About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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