The Bees Cleaned Up!

I got some good advice from my blogging friend, adalynfarm, and filled a tub with the sticky goo of wax cappings from the honey harvest and then set it out on top of the hives to see if the bees would do me a favor and clean it up.

IMAG0491I watched for a while and one of the girls happened on it.  I thought I’d get to see her fly home and do her little waggle dance to tell the rest of the family where to find the gold mine.  Instead, she just settled in and rolled around in it like she’d found her own secret stash.  I did not have the patience to stay around in the heat, so I left her alone to marvel at her good luck.

Today, about a week later, I took a little stroll to the hives to see how it was coming along.  Well, what do you know!  Of course it was covered with bees by now and I was a little hesitant to hold my camera/phone too close, but the change was a real surprise.  The texture now looks kind of like dry corn flakes.  The bees seem to be licking the honey from the wax as far down as they can reach.  It probably would help to stir it up but not without a veil and gloves.  I am not that courageous!


At some point, they should be done and will fly away to collect their food the hard way – from the flowers.  It looks like we have a bumper crop of goldenrod preparing to bloom in the next week or so and I know they love that.

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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