Planning/Planting Time

This time of the fall things begin to slow down.  Not much left to pick in the garden, nothing to weed.  The days are mild and the nights are pleasantly cool and dry – or wet if it has been raining.  I’m having trouble getting motivated and have been letting the good working days slip away without anything productive to show for it.

Friends and family have been giving us things from their own gardens that we can plant on the farm.  I love the idea and we certainly have room for just about anything, but I am having the worst problem with procrastinating.  I have that great master plan that tells us exactly what to plant and where, but the windfall opportunities leave me having to make my own decisions about a layout for things not in my plan.  For some reason, this makes me very insecure.  I have transplanted things rather randomly along the borders of the lawn with hopes that they will not accidentally be mowed down by the tractor in the spring.


What I want to do is to develop a nice little plot for “gifted” plants.  Then I’ll always know where they should go.  I’ve received iris roots, blue aster plants, perennial sunflowers, and a number of charming little trees — dogwood, butternut,  basswood, plum, and an oak.  Where should I put them so that they can mature in the “perfect” spot and not get forgotten and mowed down later?  This seems like a big responsibility.

I think I have convinced my husband to sit down with me and make these plans together so that at least we are on the same page.  I hope to live here until the trees are big enough to enjoy and I don’t want to forever live with a stupid decision that I have to regret the rest of my life.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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