Deep Freeze

Like most of the US Midwest, we are stalled in the “polar vortex” zone with “life threatening wind chills.”   Add to that, the lake effect snows we get in this part of the world, and we have quite the day outside.  I am feeling very fortunate because we have no where we have to go and the house is snug and warm.  The thermometer reads 3 below.  I went out and shoveled a path for the dogs because Beezee was unable or unwilling to go out and do her business.  She doesn’t have the thick fluffy hair that Fionn has, and she very quickly hunches down by the back door, shivering and looking miserable.

I shoveled a nice little path to the bird feeder and invited her out.  She quickly zipped out the the end of the path, then bounded off the end of it into the drifts and dashed off in a big circle.  She found a stick and tried to play keep-away with Fionn, but he’s not so good at sharing and just growled at her.  After 2 minutes of enjoying the snow, she once again realized it was way too cold and zoomed back up to the porch and waited to be rescued.  I can tell she really did have to go, but she didn’t feel she could.  As soon as we all wandered off doing chores, she took a furtive dump in the corner of the living room.

The weatherman says we’ll be in this weather pattern for another day before it comes back into the 30’s again.  They are calling this an historic event, so I guess it requires a photo.January 2014


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Deep Freeze

  1. Linsey says:

    Poor Beezee, who would want to poop in -whatever degrees! She has my sympathy! Hope you didn’t mind too much! This has been historic!

    • Joe Nancy Calme says:

      Yeah, I know. Rules are rules, though. Maybe I ought to get her a sweater.

      On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 8:11 PM, Bluestem Pond

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