Waiting Out the Winter

One good thing about the sustained cold winter we are having is that the dogs are getting very comfortable sharing our home.  When Beezee first moved in there was a lot of maneuvering for position going on and I had my worries.  That seems to be a thing of the past now.


We have had a change in the household, though.  My mother’s dementia has worsened to the point where we have had to place her into a nursing home at last.  It has been very hard and painful for all of us.  The dogs are affected as well, and seem confused about her missing presence in the house.  I hope to be able to take them to visit her once in a while.  She got quite attached to them while she was here.




About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to Waiting Out the Winter

  1. Gunta says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother. I went through something similar nearly ten years ago. It’s certainly heart-wrenching.

  2. Linsey says:

    Glad you had those months with your mom. She must have been happy for the time with all of you. Peace.

  3. Oh, my dear. I can only imagine what that was like. We’re facing into that storm. I see Mom declining day by day and wonder when I’ll decide the time is….well, it’s never right, I suppose, but necessary certainly. I’m thinking of you and sending you all warm wishes and hugs.

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