Winter Blue in March

I forced myself to bundle up with snowshoes and go out with the dogs.  It’s up to 22 this afternoon, but it took a while before my body was happily withstanding the cold.  After a while it felt wonderful and fresh.  I filled the bird feeder, shoveled the walk, and took the long walk to the mailbox.  With the horrible cold this year, we haven’t taken down any outdoor Christmas decorations.  The small grove of pine trees is still sparkling with the ornaments hung in December.  0303141243a

The rain chain we put in the corner of the front porch is frozen solid, hanging at about 15 degrees from vertical.  It testifies to the power of the cold west wind.0303141246

Still, the clear blue skies we have today make me think of spring coming.  It is March now, after all!

I was happy to see a small squadron of sandhill cranes coasting over the treetops.  This time last year we had so many of them, but they have been scarce for months.  Perhaps the unusual cold has pushed them farther south, or maybe they huddle together for warmth in some secret protected space.  I ought to go look it up.

I’ve restored my practice of making lists for myself so that I feel I am accomplishing something.  I am actually plowing through chores and appointments that have tickled the back of my brain for weeks.  One of them is to begin investigating what we might do with our huge backlog of airline miles.  We have not traveled significantly for a long time and I think maybe we owe ourselves a getaway.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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