At Last! Things Worth Writing About.

Two days in a row with weather in the 50’s and we suddenly regained that spark of energy to get out and work on things.  My husband has brooded over plans and budgets for a month and finally has begun building the chicken coop.  He did a lot of the work in the barn and dry fit the pieces so that he was confident they would fit together.  Here are pictures of the floor, walls, and roof coming together.


0331141133a 03311411540331141217We’ll be going to pick up our little chicks next week and will nurture them on the back porch for the first couple of months, or at least until they have outgrown their temporary space.  There is plenty of work to do between now and then.  I am in charge of painting the coop to match our barn.  That can’t be done until it is warm enough for the paint to “take”.

I’ve been reading the pamphlets and magazines that tell how to care for chickens.  They say you can have multiple breeds together so there is no reason not to pick a variety.  Joe was thinking a couple dozen and I balked, planning on maybe 10 to start with.  The coop is big enough to accommodate 30 birds but I had no expectation of raising a huge flock.  I’ve never done this, though, so maybe I might expand once I get a handle on it.  I’m starting with just laying hens and if I get a rooster that is fine because they protect the flock from predators.

As this coop develops, I’ll show the additional components and if any of my blogging farm friends have helpful hints I’d love to hear them.  I’m coming into this totally inexperienced and expect to have a lot of discoveries as I go along.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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