Chicks – First Week of Growth

I am getting accustomed to being a chicken-mommy after a little over a week of training.  My chicks have grown surprisingly fast!

They went from this on the first day:



To this after a week.  Notice their beautiful rows of colorful wing feathers.0417141427a

They are developing their pecking order.   The two Silver Laced Wyandottes were a day or two older, I think, so they are the largest.  They are taking advantage of that benefit by acting as the guardians of the flock.  I put a little stick in the cage to see if they’d perch, and most of the time it is these two biggest chickens who sit on the perch (maybe I should call it a “roost”) and crane their necks to monitor any threats coming from me or the dogs.0416140713a

Yesterday, I cleaned their cage and brood box for the first time.  I have not put much time into taming them by holding and stroking each chick.  I guess I am not a big bird-lover so it is not an activity that really draws me.  In addition, twelve little birds is too many for me to disperse my love equally.  Anyway, as I scooped up handfuls of chickens to move them from one container to another, they squawked and peeped in alarm, flapping their little boney wings.  They’ll just have to get used to it, I’m afraid.  They do seem quite enthusiastic twice a day when I open the cage to clean out their water feeder and fill their food tray.  They all pile into the tray immediately and start pecking and scratching at that delicious chicken feed.  One found a deep pile and nestled into it for a nap.  The others wouldn’t have it and started pecking and walking on top of her till she felt compelled to get up and move out of the way.

My husband has been doing a good job on their chicken coop.  We worked together last week to prime and then give it the first coat of barn-colored paint.  It’ll get a final coat today and then he can work on the white trim and install all the doors.  They won’t move in for a couple months, but we’ll have a real Taj Mahal ready by that time.

Gray Primer coat

Gray Primer coat

Barn Color

Barn Color


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