Spring Cleaning on the Farm

As I was slaving away cleaning out the pond, my husband climbed aboard his trusty tractor and mowed down the dead grasses to make way for the new spring growth.  Suddenly, you can see the whole property!  The dogs can wander all they want and until they go over the crest of a hill, I can see where they are.  If they do not respond to my whistle I can get mad but not worry that they may be out at the road and in danger.


I’ve begun chipping away at other spring cleaning chores as well.  I shoveled up piles of gravel that the snow plow scraped off our long driveway and moved them back to fill in the potholes that have developed over the winter.  We turned the water back on in the barn and I scrubbed out the bathroom so that it is once again a pleasant enough place to use.  I raked the flower beds to make way for the daffodils and tulips trying to peek out, and cleared the way for the asparagus to sprout.  (We actually had our first picking of asparagus last night and it was delicious!)

The chicken coop is nearly completed, and I realized I needed to move some perennials that were doomed to be stomped on as we step in and out of the coop.  It appears that I did not kill the Peony that I transplanted, and I have moved the edging and placed some tile  in front of the coop door to avoid developing a big mud puddle.

I am so happy to have good enough weather to be outdoors doing these chores.  I come home tired but feeling accomplished and hungry at the end of the afternoon, and restored with the fresh air and sunshine.  So much better than wasting away all winter with the computer in my lap or in front of the TV.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to Spring Cleaning on the Farm

  1. Jessica says:

    Fresh, home-grown asparagus sounds wonderful!

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