Chickens at 3 Weeks

Those cute little fuzzy chicks have transformed into something wholly different in under three weeks.  Their feet are too big for their bodies, their new long feathers are crowding out the downy fluff, and they are starting to get little nubs on their beaks where their combs will grow in.  We went back to the farm store today to look for some supplies and peeked in at the tubs of day-old chicks again.  Even though we know ours have doubled in size we were shocked at how small the babies were.  Were those ours just 3 weeks ago?


Big Feet!


Blue Feet

Blue Feet

Beginning a Comb

Beginning a Comb

They are going to outgrow their brood box faster than I had anticipated.  A few times a day I open the cage and they stream out into the bigger cardboard box to be the first to find stray crumbles of chick food under the pine shavings.  I leave it open to let them stretch their legs and wings and they flap in little mini-flights in and out of the cage door.

The inevitable happened tonight.  One managed to get enough elevation to escape the box altogether and Fionn was on it like a shot.  I screamed at him and grabbed the bird.  I guess it is time to be more careful with the dogs.  I don’t know what I might do to teach them to leave the chickens alone, but I’ll do a little internet research.

Before I shut them in for the night tonight I sat and watched them for a while.  I tried singing them a lullaby and was rewarded by a show of ruffling feathers, stretching wings and legs, and preparing to roost or pile together in a warm corner to sleep.  How sweet!

Okay, chickens at this stage are not really so sweet or cute, let’s be real.  But they are my newest babies and I have to love them for what they are.

Yawn and Stretch

Yawn and Stretch


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