Moving Day (for the Chickens)

I think today is the day!  My little flock is cramped and tired of living their lives in a cardboard box.  The coop is 90% ready and the chicken run is half done.  I think they can live in the coop without going outside since it is still an improvement over their box on my back porch.  There are feathers, dust, and pine shavings scattered all over the floor and I can’t keep it clean anymore.  It takes less than a week now for it to begin getting smelly and I don’t want to have to orchestrate the logistics of cleaning it out around them anymore.

As I sat down to admire my little charges this morning with my coffee mug in hand, my rooster flew up and landed on the edge of the box to look me over.  Well, I am flattered by the trust!  I picked him up and took a picture.  I’m working on a name for him – one that could be used for a lady if I find out I was wrong in my assessment.



He has gotten big, but not as big as the biggest Silver-Laced Wyandotte.  She has developed a dense mat of soft fur-like feathers under her tail that make her almost cuddly-looking.  She and her sister are skittish about being handled, though.  I couldn’t get a nice pose from her because she was eager to flap down and join the flock, but you can see her furry area in this shot.

0508140831Yesterday, we worked very hard on the chicken run.  Joe designed a good solid wall for the west end of the run that we installed first, and then we began attaching the top half of the fence to the 36 feet length of run. 0507141335 (What lucky chickens!)  We dug the coyote-foiler in really well at the end and I think it will be quite successful.  The trenches we had pre-dug0507141416 made the task of positioning a ladder really hard, and stretching the fence while nailing it in place took a lot of muscle power.  I wouldn’t want to do this for a living.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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