Letter Press

We have a new venture here at Bluestem Pond.  We are incorporating a printing press into the barn menagerie!  My husband took a class in old-fashioned printing and enjoyed it so much he has taken in an antique “letter press” that was needing a new home.  Now the room we had expected to be used to process honey is becoming a print shop.

This is a cast iron machine weighing half a ton, so it required some engineering know-how.  We borrowed a heavy trailer from the neighboring farm and my husband’s little Jeep managed to haul it here without having a heart attack and dying on the road.  Getting it safely off the trailer and into the barn required all kinds of lifts and levers, not to mention two brothers-in-law to get the job done.


It remains to be seen how much use it gets, but it has all kinds of potential.  If nothing else, potential for learning how to fix antique machinery.  This is one of the joys of retirement and having space for new hobbies.  You can try things you always thought would be fun and find out if you were right.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Letter Press

  1. painterwrite says:

    This is so cool – talk about a self-publishing venture! My grandfather enjoyed restoring old equipment so this brings back memories of a hand-cranked washing machine he rebuilt.

  2. bluestempond says:

    I sure hope it is refurbished and well-used. It would be a shame if it just collects dust. We shall see!

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