Spring Scenes

It is almost summer, but technically still spring.  We are enjoying our own strawberries and the last of our asparagus, and I am watching my little seedlings pop up out of the garden soil.  This mixture of harvest and expectation is quite sweet.  Here is my fourth quart of berries so far.0613141126

The little town nearby is holding Thursday night concerts in the downtown park, and we enjoyed a great blues group called “The Out of Favor Boys” down from Kalamazoo.  I’m not really a blues fan, as it tends to sound pretty whiney to me, but I got into the rhythm of it and really enjoyed it last night.  It was cool to get up from my lawn chair and walk a couple blocks to pick up a couple ice cream cones to lick while we listened.  I am getting more and more fond of our little town.  This was the view above the gazebo where they were playing.0612142050

Speaking of Kalamazoo, I am driving up once a week to take beginner drawing lessons this summer.  I’ve never had any lessons to speak of, so I thought at 58 years old,  it is about time to learn.  While waiting for class to begin, I was delighted by this cute little garden display in Bronson Park.  The doggies are made of wire and moss and are courtesy of the local flower nursery, “Flowerland.”0610141322


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Spring Scenes

  1. MIME says:

    Love the dogs, I will walk over there and see them. Years ago I bought a couple of turtle topiaries from Flowerland. We still have them, even though the moss had died. Can we try again for lunch when you come in for your class?

  2. bluestempond says:

    I love little animals – they always attract my eye.

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