Whoa, That’s Rain!

This has been one great growing season here in the Great Lakes region.  It is warm and steamy and we’ve gotten some amazing downpours in the last few days.  Yesterday morning I dumped out our rain gauge to see what we might get new, and this evening I went out to check. 0624142038 Over 5 inches in two days!  Fortunately for us, we are not in a low area and flooding is not an issue on our property.  The pond is lined, so there is a steady trickle down the side of the hill following the subtle overflow indentation that was put in for such an occasion.

The muggy air is not great for working outside (between rainstorms), but I still got out to pick strawberries and a few stray stalks of asparagus.  The berries are getting smaller as the season goes on.  I wonder if that is normal?  They are mostly marble-sized now and a lot of work to clean, hardly worth the effort.  I’ve been tossing the damaged berries into the chicken run and they are very popular. Maybe the girls will get the rest of the harvest.

Coming in from a brief trip out to the garden and the chicken coop in the humidity, I feel like there are mosquitos or bugs crawling on me.  I think it is my imagination because I can’t find anything, but it is an unpleasant creepy-crawly feeling.  Normally, this is the warning sign that there is a tick but I have not found many this year, thank goodness.  I have heard that the ticks in some areas are the worst ever this year.  Yuck.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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