Tending the Pond

Our farm pond is a living thing that needs tending just like the farm animals.  The water plants, animals and algae (it is debatable whether algae is plant or animal), change with the temperature, water level, and sunshine.  It has not been as clear and pristine this year as I remember it last season, so I have been tinkering with it.

On alternate weeks, I’ve been giving it “Muck Away” and “Pond Clear”, two biotic strategies that promise to introduce little animalcules to eat the muck and the floating particulate.  It hasn’t been that clear whether they are working this time, though.  I took another step last week and threw in some pond dye to filter the sunlight so the deeper water is not so friendly to things that need light to grow.  I poured small amounts into about 5 places along the shore and it slowly spread with the aerator currents.0623141222a0623141243


Today, the pond is back to the deep blue that I remember from a couple years ago when I did this the first time.  I am hoping that this combination of treatments brings it back to the sweet smelling sparkly place I like to think it is.  I took time out to fish last week, caught 7 very nice bluegills and actually took the time to clean them and fry them up for dinner.  I am terrible at filleting but even the little scraps were tasty.  The trick is doing it close enough to garbage pickup day so the remains do not get too ripe.  Actually, I heard a story this weekend about a guy who planted a bluegill under each tomato plant for extra nutrition.  I could do that!0702140944a


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Tending the Pond

  1. MIME says:

    I remember my grandmother always burying the bluegill ‘remains’ around her rose bushes and those bushes bloomed spectacularly!

  2. My father caught a catfish once and brought it home still alive to show us. He buried it under the rose bushes when it died.Your story reminds me of that childhood memory.

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