Summer Clover

We planted a combination of Fescue and Dutch Clover in the lawn last fall.  Now, true to the design, we have to mow maybe twice a month and the honeybees are joyously sipping at the white clover blooms.  My shoes get soaked walking through when it is due for a trim.  It smells sweet though, and yesterday I sat on the front porch watching the lawn blow in waves with the western breezes.


The rest of the fields are blooming in lots of lovely yellows, blues, and whites.  The big bluestem is now reaching out above the tops of everything else, so we can see that it has made progress again this year building its root system.  It takes years to fully take hold.  We are hosting a big party here this weekend, so I am planning the mowing chores so that everything is just right by Saturday.  I read that another Polar Vortex is heading down from the north so that we’ll have several unseasonably cool days.  Perfect for jobs out in the hot sun.

0711141526The upcoming party is a fishing contest!  I am having about 15 friends over to try their hands at fishing in our farm pond and am giving out prizes for the most caught, the biggest, smallest, and whatever else I can think of.   I’ll throw them all back so they can continue growing bigger and smarter.  It is not a serious contest, just an excuse to enjoy summer on the farm and eat picnic food. I’ll have to share some photos of the big winners.



About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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