Michigan Blueberries

I found a blueberry farm just a few miles away and stopped over to pick a bucketful this week.  Michigan blueberries are so great – plump and beautiful, and so easy to pick.  We hope to plant some on the farm one day but haven’t gotten to it yet.0730141259

The farm was just outside of town and there were two young boys doing chores in the back yard who came over when I pulled into their driveway.  I asked if they allow U-Pick and they said sure,  just drive down to the other end of the yard and start picking.  They gave me a plastic bucket and off I went.

I was just warming up my picking rhythm when the mosquitoes found me.  Yikes, they were buzzing my ears and eyes and landing all over me trying to suck me dry!  I tried to work through the annoyance for about five minutes but I couldn’t stand it.  Fortunately, the boys bailed me out by letting me use some of their bug repellent.  After that, I did fine.

Well, pretty fine.  I was dropping handfuls of berries into the bucket on the ground when I happened to look down at my feet.0730141322  Can you see what I saw?  A very healthy carpet of poison ivy surrounding my bucket.  I was very careful where I stepped after that and washed up really well when I got home.  So far, no reaction so I think I got away unscathed.

I plan to make all kinds of fresh blueberry dishes – jam, pie, coffee cake – and maybe I’ll even go pick some more but this time I will go better prepared.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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