The August Farm Pond

August is an interesting time for a farm pond in Michigan.  We’ve had very little rain for a few weeks and all the ponds in the area are getting a little low.  The frogs who spent their evenings singing in deep bass voices throughout the early summer are now quieter, perhaps because they are no longer courting the females.  They are big, though, and brilliant green when you are lucky enough to see them before they fling themselves off into the deep.  More often, as I walk around the pond my ears catch the squeaks and splashes  four or five feet ahead, but my eyes are rarely fast enough to spot the action.0803141542

In the spring, I was concerned about the rapid growth of algae and cattails.  Now, things have slowed down or I have gotten used to it and it’s too hot out to expend the energy of being alarmed.  I’m still applying the biotic solutions to keep the muck and algae down, but I’m getting sloppy about following the 2-week schedule.  I used it up this week and I don’t think I’ll buy any more this year.

Maybe we’ll turn on the hose and give the pond a couple inches more from the well, but we might get rain next week anyway.




About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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