Joining the Pack

We are the happy grandparents… of a new dog in the family!  0822141441aOur daughter has adopted an adorable little mutt named Addie, and after just her first week we got the opportunity to babysit down at the farm.  Addie has already done a fine job of showing the other dogs she is willing to be subordinate and still showing some spunk as she bounds after them trying to keep up.

Fionn showed off his fishing skills and Addie stood at the shore wondering if she dared give it a try.

Beezee made her point early that the little pup should not get too forward, and Addie understood instantly and did all the right things to show that she knows her place.

I walked out t0822141447o the barn with the pack at my heels and we took a look in on the chickens.  This is Beezee’s favorite game, running back and forth along the chicken run and dodging at them.  She sometimes has a staredown with the rooster a foot away and is so delighted when he engages her that she gets down on her elbows and begs him to play.

With Addie here, Beezee had an enthusiastic student to watch how it is supposed to be done.  I noticed that as Addie stood alone by the fence, the chickens approached with their necks outstretched to threaten her, but Beezee quickly jumped at them and scattered themaway.  0822141447aEven Fionn came over to make sure everything was being done properly.  I think this weeken0822141449d pack will be getting along just fine.

Oh, but wait!  One more exciting thing happened today.  When we went to check the chickens I opened the trap door to the nesting boxes and look what was waiting for me.  And yes, it is blue.0822141445


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to Joining the Pack

  1. youngandtwenty says:

    That’s an absolutely adorable dog. I just got a dog as well and my parents couldn’t resist but take on the grandparents of a puppy.

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