Happy Flock At Last

We picked up some kindnesses for the chickens.  A bale of straw to insulate their feet from the snow in the run, some cracked corn to peck at in the straw, and a cabbage.

1119141525I was thrilled to see them start venturing outside for the first time in two days.  They slowly migrated out in a cautious huddle until they discovered some cracked corn kernels halfway down the run and then the pace picked up very quickly.  I left part of the bale for later in case the next blizzard covers all the straw I kicked around.

From what I read, the cracked corn is good because it requires more energy to digest and it will keep their little bodies warmer at night.  Who knows?

The cabbage was a bit of an engineering project.  I used my husband’s drill to make a hole through the head, but it was just about an inch too short. That meant I had to guess where it would have come out and drill through from the other end.  Of course the holes did not meet.  I got it eventually, and was a good doobie, cleaning all the wet vegetable matter out of the drill afterwards.  I threaded twine through the hole with a long screwdriver, and climbed a ladder to hammer a nail into the rafters to hang it.  They have no clue why I did all that, but hopefully they’ll be really excited when one of them figures out it is swinging food.


Last, I applied Vaseline to Cooper’s comb and wattles to prevent frostbite.  It was surprisingly easy because he allowed me to pick him up and did not even peck at me when I was smearing goo all over him.  He’ll have some problems with the combination of a sticky comb and fresh straw, but he’ll figure it out.






About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to Happy Flock At Last

  1. zannyro says:

    What a good heart you have!

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