The New Year, 2015

2015.  Doesn’t that number sound futuristic?  It’ll take some getting used to.

my-resolutions-listSo, it’s time to start assessing the past year, deciding what to improve, and setting plans for the new one.  When I look back, it seems like 2014 was fairly well done.  We made some emotionally difficult changes, such as moving my mother out of the house and into a care facility.  We made some fun changes, such as adopting twelve baby chicks into the farm family and building them a home of their own.  I tried some new farming techniques and learned from a multitude of mistakes.  We tried using a farm sitter and found out what can go wrong.

We worked all year on training a rescued adult dog to behave well with visitors.  Beezee is a sweetheart with our little family  group, but still is unreliable when visitors come, nipping at their hands when they turn their backs on her.  We hope to find the techniques that will curb that protective impulse.  Fionny, on the other hand, is so thrilled to have visitors that he can’t restrain his urge to jump into their laps to gain their full attention.  Finding a 40 lb shaggy beast with his head and paws in your lap is unsettling for those who aren’t steadfast dog lovers.  It is embarrassing and shocking when our babies act up with company and make us look like really bad parents.

I dabbled in sketching for the first time in my life with a jump start at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, and I joyously rekindled my skills on the french horn by playing in the local college band.  I also did more needle-felting and even hauled out my spinning wheel once or twice.  I surprised myself with some artistic ability peeking out when I gave it a chance.  Who knew?

My husband and I spent the last four months changing our “normal” diet to one low in carbohydrates.  Surprise!  Many of those pounds just melted off.  But I do love to bake, so what am I to do?  We learned to substitute the things we love with things that are equally enjoyable, but the quick stuff you can get at a drive-through or grab from the cookie tin does not offer a lot of choices for us anymore. The plan is to make this a permanent change so that years from now we are living in bodies that the insurance charts consider acceptable.

It will be fun to make lists of new things to grow in the garden (including the new vineyard) and to set a timeframe for building sheep fences.  I’ve bought some seeds so it might be the year to actually plant them in some soil and see what they look like full grown.  We eat more green leafy stuff now, so maybe I could get kale, broccoli and spinach to grow in my own yard.

I have sure enjoyed blogging and picking up new blogs to follow.  Reading what my blogging friends have to say is something I look forward to each morning with a cup of coffee (no honey in it now.)  Thank you to friends who commented and encouraged me.   I may try my hand at fiction or poetry this year, and more frequent entries.

The best change for 2015 will be becoming a grandmother to a human, not just to dogs.  My daughter-in-law is expecting a son in February so we will all be on alert for the happy news. Talk about new adventures!  This will mean more travel and practice with video chats in our future.

I wish a year of growth, improvement, and fun to everyone out there.  I hope to be part of it too!


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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One Response to The New Year, 2015

  1. patsyporco says:

    I love your posts. They’re full of discovery, wonder, and gentle humor. I’m glad that you found my blog, so that I could find yours.

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