Life Inside the Winter Coop

The freeze from the northwest keeps sweeping down on us and everything is at a standstillsattelite lake effect in southwestern Michigan.  I saw the coolest satellite photo today that shows how the “lake effect” snows develop.  Notice the outline of the great lakes that make Michigan stand out in a drifting bas-relief.  It makes me shiver just looking at it, and it is quite apparent looking out the window.

I had to put on my tall rubber boots (aka “Wellies”) to trudge out to the chicken coop.  I’ve given up trying to coax the flock out into their run.  They probably know best.  The heat lamp has helped considerably to warm up the room although it still stinks to high heaven.

On the advice of a friend with chickens, I took out a little dish of warm cooked oatmeal to see if they’d appreciate it.  While I carried their water dispenser into the barn to refill it, they must have descended on the oatmeal like piranha because when I brought the water back in the dish was already empty and they were all looking at me expectantly for more.  It made me smile.  I brought them a few cups of cracked corn in a cardboard box and said goodbye for another day while the dogs waited in the drifts to bound around me on the walk back to the house.  0109151034a

0109151035I’m so glad we don’t have to go anywhere.  We’d probably cancel even if we had an appointment because they want everyone off the roads.  The snowplow service did make it out to the farm shortly after I got back to the house and if I’d waited another 30 minutes to tend to the chickens it would have been easier but less entertaining.

My last winter chore was to shovel out a doggie restroom area.  Beezee hates getting her rear end in the snow and has taken the easier route lately of using a nice indoor patch that magically gets whisked away by her humans.  That’ll get old pretty darn fast!

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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