Snowy, But Could Be Worse


View from my chair

My part of Michigan was supposed to be getting the most horrible snow storm on Super Bowl Sunday. We hunkered down and stayed home for the day, and it turned out that other parts of the state suffered much worse than we did.  We had to wait to be plowed on Monday before we could go out, but by then it was beautiful and sunny.  This is how I remember Michigan in my childhood and I don’t mind it at all.

The chickens refused to leave the coop for a couple days despite my shoveling the snow off the straw for them.  I tried pushing them out their door but they were too quick for me.

The dogs love it, and Fionn kept snuffling under the snow by the bird feeder.  I think he smelled a mouse and was determined to catch it, but just caught a face full of snow that he shook all over the house each time he was let out for a few minutes.

It’s February already, and before you know it the white snow will begin getting gray and slushy and we’ll long for spring.  I don’t want to wish it away just yet.

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to Snowy, But Could Be Worse

  1. The snow is beautiful, but I don’t miss it. I empathize with the chickens- I wouldn’t’t harbor leaving my coop either!

  2. lifeunderacarolinamoon says:

    Growing up there must be the difference. I grew up in Va. Beach, VA and moved to in NC when I was about 15. I’ve never had to deal with that kind of snow. It’s beautiful but — I’m with the chickens on this one! Inside is best!

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