Relief and Joy

Two things…

babyFirst, we are so relieved and happy to have gotten acknowledgement that our grandson has arrived, born healthy and safe, and everyone is fine.

Second, for my farm blog followers, perhaps you might be interested in a new blog I began last month.  I decided to start recording my memories — or memoirs — in WordPress.  It has been fun to dig up old photographs and place myself back at the scene of the crime, remembering long lost details.  I have a link to the memoir blog at the top of the page, and you are welcome to take a look and see if it sparks memories of your own childhood.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to Relief and Joy

  1. Congratulations on your grandchild! Grandparenting is a wonderful phase of life! Will your mom have chance to meet him?

    • bluestempond says:

      They live far away in another state, so she won’t meet the baby until they come to visit in June. I told her about it today and left a card so it can sink in. She is working words from the card into every sentence, so I think it is working.

      • Itold my mom that my daughter is pregnamt, and after an appropriately excited reaction, she seemed to drop the subject. Three days later she was asking me if a wife who has a baby in her belly gets a bulge there. You never know what sticks, or what thoughts rattle in there.

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