How to Kill Time Waiting for Spring

I know, I know, everybody’s sick of the long, cold winter. It just seems to be dragging on forever and just as we get a hint of spring and the mood lifts a bit, we get hit by another single-digit morning. We’ve all been through this before and know how it ends — in spring!

0306150839 0306150839a 0306150840So, what to do while trying to be patient. I make myself a list of things that I could be doing. Pull out my sketchbook and find something to draw. Haul out the spinning wheel and try to remember how to handle wool and ply some yarn out of what I’ve spun in years past. Pick a wildlife photo off the internet and make a needle-felted animal. Certainly, go talk to the chickens and make sure they have all they need. There is always the opportunity to kill time with household drudgery such as dishes, laundry, dusting. Yuck.

This winter, I joined a club to see if I could make some new local friends. As it turns out, there are few members in a 20-mile radius of our farm, but there are a lot of nice ladies further south. They have a book club that meets regularly, so I ordered the latest book to read off my husband’s tablet. It’s called, “America’s Bitter Pill: (long subtitle)” by Stephen Brill.  It is a historical explanation of how we got to the place we are with healthcare so outrageously expensive, and hopefully it may offer some ways out of the mess. If nothing else, it led to a nice nap in my reading chair. I’ll try to be brave and go to the book club next month to get to know the women who attend.

So, I am being both artistic and politically aware of my surroundings while caring for the farm. This must be what retirement is supposed to be. I am not too old to work, as I haven’t even reached 60 yet.  I could go find a part-time job for a little extra income and somewhere to go during the week. I am rather attached to my free schedule, especially during the warmer months, so I doubt I will do that. Besides, out here in the country I don’t expect to find a lot of job openings for administrative/technical people like me.

Today, we both have had it with cabin fever so we’re taking an excursion to the nearest metropolis to browse the shops and maybe see a movie. We can entertain our taste buds with lunch somewhere. I can’t help the nagging feeling that I ought to be doing more out there to improve the world somehow, but until I do, I will try to keep myself busy.


About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to How to Kill Time Waiting for Spring

  1. I love the fox with his little black paws. I’ve never tried needle-felting before, but looking at this little fella I think I might have to give it a go!

  2. smfarm says:

    I was able to quit my job almost a year ago and I filled my extra time with…. more animals 🙂 And selling more goat milk soap and photography. Maybe you could turn one of your hobbies into a little side business, online or at craft fairs? I think your fox is adorable!

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